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These are the specs for my PC, in case you’re curious! You certainly don’t need a top of the line PC to take screenshots, but the faster your PC is the faster you can render games at high resolutions. I also use my PC for work, which involves heavy Photoshop work and occasionally 3D rendering. Note that many of these links are Amazon Associates links! These means that if you click one and then buy anything on Amazon, some of that money will come back to me and I can use it to pay for the website to stay up. (This does not in any way increase the cost to you.)

PC Specs


Building Your Own PC

Here are some good tools and resources you can use to help you build your first PC, or upgrade an old one. I have built several dozen computers for various clients over the last five years or so and all of the items on this list have been helpful to me in the past.

  • PC Part Picker – Keep track of your ongoing build and make sure your components are compatible.
  • Logical Increments – A good place to start if you have no idea what components to buy.
  • /r/BuildaPC – A SubReddit with almost 500k subscribers dedicated to helping you with your custom PC build!
  • /r/BuildaPCSales – Subscribe to this and keep an eye out for good deals on components you want to buy some day.
  • /r/MouseReview – Discussion and reviews for gaming/performance mice and mouse pads. Look for a review or two here before you buy a mouse!
  • /r/MechanicalKeyboards – Watch your bank account drain away as you build the keyboard of your dreams.
  • /r/Monitors – Reviews, discussion, and purchasing advice for computer monitors.

Bonus – Our keyboard addiction. Good luck guessing which keyboard is mine and which is my wife’s.
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